One-on-one Consultations

During an initial consultation I will cover any current health concerns, client health history, family health history, lifestyle, digestion & dietary habits via a 3-day client food diary. I will then devise a nutrition & lifestyle plan to suit the clients unique needs, this will include dietary suggestions, along with suggested meal ideas and recipes. Extra support may be advised using specific nutrients, probiotics or herbs. Lifestyle is also hugely important and I will make suggestions to support the clients healing process using self-care techniques, exercise or spending time in nature. On occasion functional testing may be required for specific health concerns such as gut or hormone panels but every client is unique and these are not always necessary.

My goal is always to empower each individual client to become their own health advocate and to impart the knowledge and skills for this to happen. I do not subscribe to ‘diet culture’ or faddy diets, any changes I suggest are designed to be long-term & sustainable for the client, It’s important to me that clients will love the food they eat and we can work on finding new recipes or adding new ingredients for this to occur. I often will do a ‘hands on’ practical day of cooking and shopping with clients who have any issues with side of things.

  • Consultations are available in person -Sandyford or Wicklow or anywhere in the world online

  • ‘Hands on’ cooking tutorials and ingredient shopping days available for clients.

  • Complimentary phone call available to discuss your individual needs.

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